Welcome to QuantPie

QuantPie is a collection of Quantitative Finance tools, which compute and generate visual analysis of the Price and Greeks of the most popular products across asset classes under the Black-Scholes type analytical settings. It also covers basic numerical methods such as interpolation and business days counting and computations. The tools are complemented by step by step derivation of the pricing formulae and of their derivatives (also as known as Greeks or Risks), which can be read independently of the tools as well. The site is aimed at finance students and professionals, who have introductory knowledge of quantitative finance, and would like to deepen their understanding of the most popular products and concepts in finance, as preparation for more advanced study or a career in quantitative modelling, trading, or risk management.

You might be wondering: why QuantPie (not as in name but in concept, hopefully!)? QuantPie's raison d'etre is the huge gap between the scope of the introductory texts (and courses!), and the level of understanding required to follow the advanced literature or to excel in a quant professional role. Transitioning is not cheap: finance courses are expensive, and self-studying is very time consuming as it can sometimes take months of research to figure out the one and only magic step that the author of an advanced book/article missed out, because so often most other authors will miss out the exact same step (coincidences of this kind are common!). We hope that by providing access to the formulae, their step by step derivations, and the interactive analysis tools, QuantPie will help you build better understanding of the assumptions and implications of the models .

Finally, a few more things before your crack that Black-Scholes:

  • This site will remain in Beta until September-2018. If you spot an error/omission/bug, or you think something could be improved or should be added, please do let us know as without your help, this site will just be what it is, maybe with just fewer bugs!
  • We hope to make the site available for free for the foreseeable future to help as many finance students and professionals as possible.
  • Almost all the formulae that you will see on this site have been derived thousands of times before, but to the best of our knowledge, no single source includes all the formulae and their derivation with as many steps as we chose to include.

We hope you will enjoy your interactions with QuantPie as much as we enjoyed building it, and we look forward to your feedback and suggestions. You can reach us at email quantpie or tweet @quantpie.